Agent indication description

Agent boards are autonomous high-tech devices using for connection to the physical environment of data transmission.

There are LED indicators on an Agent board case, which reflects the current state of external interfaces, as well as internal state board.

Agent-E1-T-Lite, Agent-E1-T-S

PCM interface (E1/G.703)

Four LEDs 0 1 2 3 (grouped by Port 1-0 and Port 3-2) points to PCM signal level:

Indication Description
+ low level, full signal loss possible or distortion and substantial losses in the receiving stream
мигает the signal level is close to the sensitivity threshold, possible significant loss
- sufficient signal, information reception possible

Ethernet interface (10/100Base-T)

There are standard Ehernet connection indicators placed on a board. Ethernet interface used for data exchange between Agent board and SNT software.

Indication Description
LINK On - connection established. Off - no connection
10/100 Green - connection established at 100 Mbps (normal state).
Off - connection established at 10 Mbps (degraded state)
Flashinfg - data exchange in progress
FDUP On - full duplex mode (normal state).
Off - half duplex mode (degraded state, try to change network board media configuration, or replce cable)
COLL Off - normal state. Flashing, On - network collision detected. May occure when ethetnet hub (not swith) used. We recommends use direct connection between network card and Agent board or ethernet switch if not possible.

Error and internal state indicators

CTRN ERR0 ERR1 description user action
+ - - successful load, ready to work -
мигает - - DHCP request sent, awaiting for IP-address assigment if not changed after 1 min, try to resolve problem or consult with technical support
+ + мигает ALTERA flashing in progress await the completion of the process
+ мигает - ATMEL flashing in progress await the completion of the process
+ + + ready to flashing through serial interface (R&D mode) consult with technical support
+ + - error loading ALTERA microprogram consult with technical support
- + - external memory RAM_R or RAM_X test failed consult with technical support
- - + QFALC PEF22554 test failed (PCM interface) consult with technical support
- + + WIZnet test failed (Ethernet interface) consult with technical support



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