Protocol analyzers

picture2.jpg SNTlite analyzer

Compact SNTlite protocol analyzer based on a laptop computer, which significally reduce weight and increase device mobility. Included interface boards can be powered from the laptop's battery, so you can opertate inside rooms without AC power available.
picture3.jpg SNTsmart analyzer

Ultracompact SNTsmart analyzer with no laptop included. It can be useful when reducong base configuration cost and customer already have laptop or any PC computer, satisfying SNT software minimal requirements.
picture1.jpg SNT-7531 analyzer

Portable SNT-7531 analyzer is based on a IBM-PC computer inside ACME portable case and combines full SNT software functionality and Intel Pentium 4 speed. Analayzer can be equipped with an interface boards set to connect to PCM, STM1, BRI or Ethernet lines.

Distributed monitoring systems



Distributed monitoring system consists of a geographically distributed data collection modules (RU, Remote Unit), installed in a fixed places. SPIDER functionality includes protocol analysers functionality, adding the integrated analysis tools for observing network as a whole:

  • surveillance on the same screen for signaling information from different * * RU at the same time
  • making statistics tables according to the ITU-T Q.752 recommendation
  • trace calls within the operator's network
  • collect DR-type call records (CDR, TDR, IPDR)
  • QoS? (Quality of Service) analysis based on the call records
  • Fraud detection using criteria expandable library
  • monitor the SLA (Service Level Agreement)

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