What is a difference between SPIDER local monitoring application and analyzer's monitoring application?

The differences are minimal. SPIDER local monitoring application is identical with SNT analyzers' one. So, it is no need to learn engineer that familiar with SNT software for a SNT-7531, SNTlite, SNTsmart analyzers. The main diffirences are:

  • There is a dedicated network configuration application in a SPIDER systems, so link and linksets configuration dialog in local monitoring software replaced with another one with link\linkset choosing only.
  • Local monitoring program receiving information from interface boards that actually connected to RU servers, through CU server. It is need to setup remote access mode and correct CU server IP-address
  • All local monitoring sessions are protected with authentication. Login and password generating needed (usually, SPIDER system administrator will provide this)
  • RU servers collecting monitoring trace in non-stop mode, that opens historical monitoring feature: operator can set start and stop times for monitoring session in a past.
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