There are some work modes in my SNT software, but it is disabled. How to enable it?

SNT software main menu provides a switching between a number of different work modes and test modes:

workmodes1_ru.png workmodes2.png

Work mode or test mode enabling depends on a current software packages set and, finally, on an analyzer options set. Please, be convinced that required options has been ordered with SNT analyzer (for example, see SNTlite available options).

Extending analyzer software options process looks as follows::

  • Write a letter to SNT technical support including analyzer type and SNT analyzer serial number. Explain, wich functionality you expected to see, but have not found
  • SNT technical support will reply with explanations about new additional software options you need to provide this functionality. Usually, it will be received with the next paid SNT software update
  • Request your distributor for commercial offer for this additional options
  • After distributor's confirmation, these options will be added to the next SNT software update for your analyzer. It will be shipped as a CD and additionally available to download though (registration needed).

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