Network adapters configuring for Agent-E1 boards

Agent-E1 boards reqires properly configured FastEthernet network connection (100BaseT).

This article describes how to setup network boards after SNTsmart installation or recover settings for SNTlite and SNT-7531 against maked changes (with step-by-step instructions for Windows XP).

Analyzer's network interfaces set

Ususally, there are two network interface cards (NICs) used as follows:

  • The main network card (SNTlite laptop integrated NIC or SNT-7531 motherboard integrated NIC): PC network interface that provides working with standard network services (like network volumes sharing, HTTP or FTP access, SNT software remote access).
  • At least one additional network cards, for Agent-E1 plugging only. It is a internal PCI NICs for SNT-7531 or external PCMCIA, ExpressCard, USB2.0 type (shipping as a part of SNTlite and SNTsmart). Additional NICs amount consistent with Agent-E1 boards shipped with analyzer.

Network interfaces configuring

SNT-7531 and SNTlite network cards are always preconfigured (remember, you can restore original configuration by "emergency restoring" procedure), while SNTsmart users must setup it themselves.

Prerequisites for analyzer properly working is:

  • TCP/IP enabled on all interfaces;
  • The Main NIC succesfully obtained IP-address through DHCP or has a static IP-address and network name exists in a local DNS (domain network service in a local network);
  • Additional network cards must be configured with a special static IP-address and netmask (see below).

After finishing setup, you can use additional NICs for Agent-E1 plugging only. Please, be careful with cables, because plugging local network cable to additional NIC breaks monitoring functions as well as remote access to analyzer.

Step-by-step network interfaces configuring


Before make settings, make sure that:

  • Your local account has all needed privileges to change NIC settings (for example: Administrators member). If not, login as Administrator (or any Administrators group memeber);
  • Additional NICs drivers installed (read more about SNT network cards...)

The main NIC

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