Information and technical support principles

All SNT-7531, SNTlite, SNTsmart analyzers are supported by the SNT technical support service. This technical support is available for all registered analyzer's owners during warranty period, that specified in a technical passport. After warranty period expiration, technical support service can be extended with aditional contract.

Taking into account, that telecommunication and network protocols testing task demands specific knowledge and skills, the next web resources was created:

  • : mostly full describes SNT-7531, SNTlite, SNTsmart and SPIDER distributed monitoring system. Also, contains theoretical materials about testing methodics, options lists and questionnaires for products ordering.

  • : technical support website for SNT-7531, SNTlite, SNTsmart. Registered users can access SNT software updates for the acquired analyzers and communicate in a technical support forum (see below)

  • : technical support forum that contains talking between analyzers users, SNT software developers, and all people who wish to receive more information about a various questions, directly or indirectly related to testing.

  • : SNT software knowlege base about using SNT software in a telecommunication protocols testing.

SNT software is distributed together with protocol analyzers and SPIDER distributed monitoring system and is an integral functional part of it. It is recommended to familiarize with license agreement? before use.

warning The license agreement may be changed without notification, please, watch for latest edition.

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