Program hangs for a while, especially after common settings dialog closing. SpiderNM setting dialog right panel is empty, there are no linksets available for monitoring.

In case that program hangs (waiting cursor displaying) and not responding to user input after:

  • immediately after local monitoring start
  • pressing OK button in common settings dialog (F12) and after opening this dialog
  • pressing OK button in SpiderNM settings dialog (F10) and after opening this dialog (link \ linksets panel is empty)

it is possible no connection between workstation and CU server.

First of all, check remote access enabled in a common setup dialog (F12) and CU server IP address entered correctly inside field remote packet source IP-address.

There is a technical requirement for SPIDER local monitoring program working: workstation can establish TCP-connection over 10240 port.

For example, CU server IP-address is To check CU server TCP-connection possibility run command interpretator (Start -> Execute -> cmd.exe) and enter following:

C:\>telnet 10240
Screen clearing indicates successful connection.

In other cases (for example, Connection refused or Can't resolve name) it is required to consult with system administrator that provide service for IP-network for workstation and CU server. The next data can be useful:

  1. Command output for ping
  2. Command output for tracert
  3. Workstation IP-addres ipconfig /all
  4. Information about that TCP-connection over 1024 port required
tip When using Windows Firewall, it can be wrong configured for blocking applications using 10240 port. SNT installation program adds all needed firewall exceptions to Windows Firewall configuration, but it can be removed or disabled manually. Please, check firewall enabled: (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall) and disable exceptions choice is in off state. All strings that started with SNT (such as SNT DHCP Server, SNT GUI etc) inside "Exceptions" tab must be enabled.
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