How to use SNTMonitor program for SNT software failure report creating?

There is SNTMonitor utility in a base SNT software distribution. It can be used for:

  • showing and logging connected to analyzer E1 and STM1 interface boards state (it can be used in a remote access mode too)
  • simplifying SNT technical support feedback reports making when user creating support request

SNTMonitor automatically started during operational system loading and provide information briefly as an icon in a taskbar:

sntmon_normal.png SNT software has successfully connected to the interface boards, information exchange in progress
sntmon_alarm.png Interface boards not found or SNT software in a offline mode (connection to interface boards not required) - red pulsing dot

To obtain interface boards states, run SNTMonitor utility by one of these actions:

  • double click on a taskbar icon
  • through desktop icon
  • trough main menu Start -> Programs -> SNTlite -> SNT Monitor


To start creating technical support e-mail, do following:

  • popup context menu by right button clicking on a SNTMonitor icon in taskbar


  • choose Report a problem item

SNTMonitor will gather all needed data (such as log-files, configuration files, etc) and start e-mail creating through installed e-mail client (Outlook Express, The Bat, etc). All gethered data will be attached to this letter.


  • write down problem description and analyzer serial number into the letter, then send it

If you haven't e-mail client program installed on an analyzer or letter sending has been faild, you can send letter from another computer, using created files. SNTMonitor message window contains full path to created files, it is inside Desktop folder by default.

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